Digitalpersona 4500 Fingerprint Reader

The U.are.U 4500 Reader is a USB fingerprint reader featuring an elegant, sleek design with a soft, cool blue glow and, of course, the unsurpassed performance DigitalPersona is known for. Made for power-users and shared environments, the 4500 is the natural choice for those who want and need the very best. Here’s a look at just some of its features and benefits:

  • Blue LEDSoft, cool blue glow fits into any environment. Provides a pleasing presence; doesn’t compete in low light environments, such as restaurants, or conflict with alarm condition colors, such as in healthcare.
  • Small form factorConserves valuable desk space.
  • Rugged constructionHigh-quality metal casing weighted to resist unintentional movement.
  • Special undercoatingStays where you put it because of a special undercoating.
  • Rotation invariantTouch it from any direction, it still provides a high quality image and matching performance, perfect for shared environments.
  • Excellent image qualityHigh-quality optics ensure best image every time.
  • Works well with dry, moist, or rough fingerprintsReliable performance over the widest population of users. Reads even the most difficult fingerprints.