DigitalPersona U.are.U 5100 Module


The touch-style U.are.U 5100 Fingerprint Module is a PIV-certified, optical fingerprint sensor specifically tailored to fit the unique form-factor, power, usability and durability requirements of mobile devices. It makes high-efficiency, standards-compliant biometrics practical for handheld ID terminals and other devices used in Civil ID applications such as voting, benefits-checking and micro-finance.

  • Low powerGives applications fine-grained control over the operations of the biometric sensor and user-feedback lights, extending the battery life of mobile devices.
  • Compact sizeOne of the most compact standards-compliant optical fingerprint sensors on the market, measuring only 52mm (L) x 31.4mm (W) x 15.8mm (H).
  • Landing lights & status LEDsErgonomic blue “landing lights” help guide the user for simple, accurate fingerprint scans; applications can also use red and green status lights built into the sensor itself to provide immediate feedback without the need for a separate display screen.
  • PIV standardsCertified to meet and exceed the FIPS 201 Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Image Quality Specification. The U.are.U 5100 produces 500dpi and 1000dpi fingerprint images in ANSI and ISO/IEC standard formats.
  • High durabilityBuilt for use in demanding environments, the optical-technology U.are.U 5100 has a hard glass, IP64-rated imaging surface that is sealed against dust and liquids.
  • High-volume manufacturingWhether you need just a few fingerprint readers or many tens of thousands per month, DigitalPersona’s reliable, world-class manufacturing delivers.