U.are.U SDK for Android

Android-based Biometric Authentication

The U.are.U SDK for Android enables integrators and developers to quickly add the strong security of fingerprint-based biometric authentication to their Android applications. The U.are.U SDK for Android uses the same API as found in the U.are.U SDKs for Windows and Linux to provide efficient and easy cross-platform development.

The U.are.U SDK for Android includes sample code, a detailed developer’s guide and a royalty-free license to distribute the runtime engine with the developer’s application. The U.are.U SDK for Android is compatible with the U.are.U 5160 Fingerprint Reader and U.are.U 5100 Fingerprint Module.

In addition, the FingerJet matching engine features a MINEX certified extractor providing developers with the flexibility to make unfettered choices of matching algorithms and the ability to comply with a growing customer requirement for standards support.

Getting Started Kit

The U.are.U Developer Kit contains everything a developer needs to start using Crossmatch fingerprint biometrics, including free fingerprint reader hardware, all of the U.are.U SDKs, a Best Practices Guide, documentation, and free membership to the Crossmatch Developer WebPortal.